In Defense of Historical Materialism (Part II)

7. Conclusion

Link has realized an admirable critical work on the Luxemburgist conception of capital accumulation and the so-called retreat of the class struggle after 1989, both of which are promoted by the ICC. He has concluded that these analyses are incoherent and empty and, above all, that they are not verified empirically in reality. We vividly urge him to do the same scientific research on all the other affirmations made by this organization and he will see that, in addition to their fallacious nature, they are also the exact opposite of reality! It is not only Trump who is a follower of alternative truths, others hold the title as well. It is time and necessary to unveil them to save the honor of the Communist Left whose political positions are worth more than these bunches of idealistic petitions of principles never demonstrated!

We challenge Link, so to speak, to follow the advice given by Engels at the end of the 19th Century: The whole of history must be studied anew, and the existential conditions of the various social formations individually investigated (…) Here we could do with any amount of help; it is a truly immense field“ and, thus, to totally break with the empty ‘theories’ of the ICC. As Engels already denounced: “(…) the only use to which the cliché of historical materialism has been put (…) is hastily to run up a jerry-built system out of their own relatively inadequate historical knowledge (…) thus becoming great prodigies in their own eyes.”

C.Mcl., January 30, 2022.

Translation of Chapters 6 & 7 by H.C., April 2022.

Reviewed by the author. Latest corrections: April 8, 2022.

Completed source references of graphs, April 19, 2022.

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