Capitalism, Crisis and War – What is to be done? Discussion Contributions

This section presents discussion contributions on the topicality of Capitalism, Crisis and War vs. the proletarian alternative, and notably on what initiatives to take apropos of the current exacerbation of military barbarism in and with regards to the war in Ukraine.

It starts with ‘War of Imperialist Capitalism: What to Do and What not to Do’ by the animator of the Inter-rev Forum (Spain), one of the protagonists of a “third call“, alternative to the ‘joint statement’ by the ICC and others, and to the ‘call for action’ of the ICT respectively. (1)

This article sets forth Aníbal’s analysis and denunciation of the current war in Ukraine and its perspectives, as well as his considerations and demands regarding an internationalist, proletarian response in a concise and comprehensible way.

We continue with a “comment” by the initiators of the aforementioned initiative on our blog article mentioned below, and our reply to it.

This section will be updated to include further contributions and references on the topic. We invite our readers to send in their propositions by e-mail, whether written by themselves or signalling contributions of interest written by others (Please consult the Colophon for the modalities).

H.C., April 23 – May 1, 2022.


1 See also on this site: Putin’s Assault on Ukraine: Internationalist Statements and Analyses (Closed on April 17, 2022), and The ICT’s Call for Action – Two Kinds of Criticism (April 23, 2022)


  1. War of Imperialist Capitalism. What to Do and What not to Do. (Aníbal, Forum Inter-rev, Spain, April 11, 2022) … page 2

  2. Comment on “The ICT’s Call for Action – Two Kinds of Criticism” (Fredo Corvo and Aníbal, April 25, 2022) … page 3

  3. A Reply from “HC, the editor” (May 1, 2022) … page 3

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