Historical Archives

Historical archives on the workers’ movement, left-wing and council communism

Antonie Pannekoek ArchivesOnline reference archives of the German-Dutch communist Left (a.o. Pannekoek); transcriptions, facsimiles, topics [Multilingual]http://www.aaap.be
Bibliothèque du MarxismeMultilingual resource hosting site, mainly of non-Leninist Marxist orientation. Since 2017. Includes statements on actuality and a large reference section. [French, Italian]https://bibliothequedumarxisme.wordpress.com/
Centre d’Histoire et de Sociologie des Gauches (Institute of Sociology of the ULB, Brussels)Reference library and archives, a.o. of Ottorino Perrone and Adhémar Hennaut [French]http://chsg.ulb.ac.be/
Daad en Gedachte (Brendel; Rühle)Council communist group in the Netherlands, 1965 – 1999 [Dutch]http://www.daadengedachte.nl/
Fragments d’Histoire de la gauche radicale“Archives et sources de la gauche radicale et/ou extraparlementaire” [French]http://archivesautonomies.org/
International Institute of Social History IISH/IISG (Amsterdam)Reference library and archiveshttps://socialhistory.org/en
“Left-wing” communism – an infantile disorder?Texts & Historiography of the German-Dutch and Italian communist Lefts [Multilingual]http://left-dis.nl/
“Les Révolutions – La boucherie de la guerre de 1914 – 18 accouche d’une monde qui se révolte”Archival documents of the European-Russian geographical area for the period 1917-1921 [French]http://revolutions-1917.info/
Marxists Internet Archives (M.I.A.)Online oeuvres, references & encyclopedia [Multilingual]https://www.marxists.org/
RätekommunismusOnline archive of publications of the Dutch-German communist Left / Council communism (GIC, Radencommunisme; 1927 – 1940) [German, Dutch]https://www.raetekommunismus.de/Book editions of historical texts in collaboration with IISG and AAAP; translations in German language
Smolny, “Collectif d’édition des introuvables du mouvement ouvrier” (Toulouse)Éditions Smolny publishes (a.o.) the Œuvres complètes de Rosa Luxemburg [French]http://smolny.frNew home page since (early) 2020.
‘The Online Archives of the Communist Left’Online international library of Bordigism [Multilingual]http://www.sinistra.net/

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