Historical Communist Left

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Anton Pannekoek: Marxism and Darwinism (1909, 1914)

An Introduction by Ph. Bourrinet (October 2019)


Proletarian Internationalism in World War I

Anton Pannekoek: The Economic Necessity of Imperialism (De Nieuwe Tijd, 1916)

(Full translation, with source list)


The Mass Struggles in Germany 1918/23 (Documents)

Documents of the German-Dutch Communist Left (Anton Pannekoek)


‘Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution’ (G.I.C.,1935)

The first complete German and English editions (Presentation, Spring 2020)

The Retreat of the World-Revolution – The 1921 ‘Kronstadt Tragedy’

Excerpt from: ‘The Dutch and German Communist Left (1900–68)’

‘Radencommunisme’ (1938 – 1940)

Marxist monthly journal for autonomous class movement

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