‘Radencommunisme’ (1938 – 1940)

In August 1938 appeared “Radencommunisme”, with the subtitle Marxist monthly journal for autonomous class movement, as the theoretical organ of “council communist groups” in the Netherlands. This joint edition by the G.I.C. and the group ‘Proletenstemmen’ (“Proles’ Voices”)  envisaged a reorientation of the council communist movement both in terms of a continuing   theoretical deepening and of developing a wider presence within proletarian milieus, in view of the emergence of a new worker’s movement, in rupture with the historically obsolete conceptions of syndicalism and the mass party of the old worker’s movement.

Below we list the articles we have had occasion to translate or revise in English from the 16 issues that had appeared before the Nazi-German occupation of the country rendered public political activities impossible in the course of May 1940, and the G.I.C. quasi instantaneously ceased to exist, as it was not prepared for clandestine activity.