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Groups and Circles(Main) Publication(s)Website/Blog Remark
German-Dutch communist Left (Council Communism)
A Free Retriever’s DigestBlog & Quarterly review 
Arbeidersstemmen [NL]Blog/Website; Pamphlets, Books 
Arbeiterstimmen [DE]Blog 
Échanges et Mouvement [FR] (H.Simon)‘Échanges et Mouvement’, Blog 
Spartacus1918 [FR] (G.Bad)Blog and newsletter (complementary to ‘Échanges et Mouvement’) 
Gruppe Sozialer Widerstand [DE] (Social revolutionary; Rühle)Pamphlets, Blog 
Left Wing Communism, NOT an infantile disorder“a multilingual website on actuality and history from a proletarian internationalist point of view.”
Since May 2020; with a weekly articles selection from (mainly) internationalist sources.
The Brooklyn Rail – Fieldnotes [USA]Monthly Review section 
The Internationalist – political science, Marxism, council communismBlog, “an organ of publication for Council Communists” May 2020, published 4 articles until August 2020)
Italian communist Left/ Battaglia Comunista (Damen)
Internationalist Communist Tendency for the revolutionary party (ICT); CWO [EN]Blog, Review: ‘Revolutionary Perspectives’, 
Gruppe Internationalistischer KommunistInnen (GIK, ICT) [DE]Blog, Review: ‘Sozialismus oder Barbarei’ address since Jan. 1, 2020)
l’Istituto Onorato Damen [IT] (ex-ICT, 2009)Blog, Review: ‘D-emme-D’’ 
Italian communist Left / Il Programma Comunista (Bordiga)
International Communist Party (Florence) [multilingual; IT, EN]‘Communist Left’; ‘The Communist Party’; ‘Comunismo’; ‘Il Partito Comunista’ 
International Communist Party (Milan) [IT, EN, FR, DE]‘The Internationalist’; ‘Il Programma Comunista’, ‘Cahiers Internationalistes’ 
International Communist Party (Milan, Lyon, Madrid) [FR, IT, ES]‘Le Prolétaire’; ‘Programme Communiste’; ‘Il Proletario’; ‘Il Comunista’ 
Le Fil Rouge [FR] (Marseilles)Blog, Review: ‘Le Fil Rouge’ 
Robin Goodfellow [FR] (ex-‘Communisme ou Civilization’)Blog/Website new since August 2020)
Gauche Communiste de France/ ICC (Chirik) and splits
International Communist Current (ICC)‘International Review’ 
Internationalist Perspective [CAN]‘Internationalist Perspective’ 
Grand Large Critique [BEL] (ex-IP; 2016)Blog, reflections blog address since March 2020)
Forum pour une Gauche Communiste Internationaliste [BE,FR] (2009)‘Controverses’ 
International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL) [FRA,CAN] (2014)‘Revolution or War’ 
Pantopolis [FR]Blog, historical texts and comments on actuality 
Spanish Communist Left (ex-FOR, Munis) 
Communia [EN] (2019)English language journal blog of Emancipación 
Emancipación [ES] (2018) 5 languagesWebsite & Communiqués of the group Emancipación 
Nuevo Curso [ES] (2017)Spanish language journal blog of Emancipación 
Workers’ Offensive [USA] (English & Spanish)Blog updating since December 2019, disappeared )
Marxist-Humanists (Dunayevskaya) 
International Marxist-Humanist Organization [USA]‘IMHO Journal’ 
Marxist-Humanist Initiative [USA]‘With sober senses’ 
News and Letters Committees [USA]‘News and Letters’ 
Libertarian Communism 
Angry Workers of the World [UK]‘WorkersWildWest’; ‘Bakkavor Factory Newsletter’ 
Communaut [DE, EN]Blog & discussion forum linked with Kosmoprolet August 2021)
Kosmoprolet [DE] (discussion circles)‘Kosmoprolet’, Blog & review, Eiszeit, La Banda Vaga, Surplus Club)
Libcom [UK]News, Blogs, Online Forum and Archives 
Ta Paidia tis Galarias [GR]‘Τα παιδιά της γαλαρίας’, Blog 
Wildcat [DE, EN]‘Wildcat’, Blog & review 
Break Their Haughty Power [USA]Loren Goldner’s Blog (No new articles since 2020)
Crítica Desapiedada [BRA] (self-management, some reference to the historical Dutch-German communist Left)Web Portal Spring 2020)
Gulf Coast Communist Fraction [USA]Blog 
Insurgent Notes [USA]Blog & review 
Internationalist Proletarians / Proletarios Internationalistas [EN,FR,ES]Multilingual blog with statements and leaflets new articles since June 2020) 
1919 [USA] (Since 2021)‘1919’ Blog & journal (successor of Intransigence) (Klasbatalo and Internationalist Workers’ Group – the ICT affiliates in North America’)
La Oveja Negra [ARG]‘La Ovaja Negra’ 
Passa Palavra [BRA]Blog (multimedia) 
India & China   
Chuǎng [CHINA] (2016)‘Chuǎng’, Blog & review 
Faridabad Workers Newspaper [INDIA]FMS – Newspaper blog address since November 30, 2020)
Gongchao (gʊŋ’ʧaʊ)[CHINA] (2008)Blog 
Circolo Internazionalista “coalizione operaia” [IT]Blog November 2020)
Forum Inter-rev [ES]Online Forum
Ediciones Inter-rev [ES]Book Editions


Internationalist Voice (English, Swedish, Farsi)Web site; bulletins 
Mouvement Communiste [FR, EN] & Kolektivně proti kapitálu [CZ,SL]Websites; Letters and Bulletins ; 
Třídní Válka (Class War)[CZ], multilingualBulletin, Website 
Informational Bulletins 
Les oiseaux de la tempête [FR] (‘Communisateurs’)Weekly ‘newsletter for communism’ 
Workers Council (‘Council communism and more Ultra-left Marxism’)On line articles notifications updating since March 2020)
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Propose interesting sites or report inaccuracies, and send your amendments to the editor.