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Internationalist publications, groups and circles

(according to their affiliations or tendencies)

In the light of political reactions and repercussions in face of the aggravation of capitalism’s crises and the exacerbation of its tendency towards war this list is currently under revision. Propositions are welcome. The editor, May 1st, 2022.


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German-Dutch communist Left (Council Communism)

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
A Free Retriever’s Digest (English)An internationalist Articles Selection & ReviewWebsite, Blog & Review April 2017, Online since April 2018)
Arbeidersstemmen (Dutch)“Self-reliant workers’ struggle for a human world – without war, terror, capital, state….Blog/Website
Arbeiterstimmen (German) … The workers have no fatherland. All power to the workers’ councils.”Blog/Website
Échanges et Mouvement (French)“Dans le monde une classe en lutte” (“In the world a class in struggle”)Review: ‘Échanges et Mouvement’; Blog website article: August 2021)
Left Wing Communism, NOT an infantile disorder (English, multilingual)“a multilingual website on actuality and history from [a] proletarian internationalist point of view.”Blog/Website May 2020)
Rätekommunismus (German)Occasional statements on actuality (e.g. the war in Ukraine) with historic references (Pannekoek, Gorter)Website also: Historical Archives

Italian communist Left / Battaglia Comunista (Damen)

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
Internationalist Communist Tendency for the revolutionary party (ICT). (Multilingual)Website: The Internationalists
Communist Workers’ Organization (CWO) (English) ICT affiliateReview:‘Revolutionary Perspectives’
P.C. Internazionalista (Battaglia Comunista) (Italian)ICT affiliateReview: ‘Prometeo’ – Ricerche e battaglie della rivoluzione socialista
Gruppe Internationalistischer KommunistInnen (GIK) (German)ICT affiliateReview:‘Sozialismus oder Barbarei’
1919 (USA & Canada) (Since April 2020)“joint political journal between the two North American affiliates of the ICT: Klasbatalo and Internationalist Workers’ Group”Website & Journal (#1 in February 2021) of the ‘Intransigence’ journal (2017 – 2019)
l’Istituto Onorato Damen (I.O.D.) (Italian, multilingual) Split from the ICT in 2009Review: ‘D emme D’; Topics:‘I Quaderni dell’ I.O.D.’

Italian communist Left / Il Programma Comunista (Bordigists)

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
International Communist Party (Florence) (Italian, English, multilingual)‘Communist Left’; ‘The Communist Party’; ‘Comunismo’; ‘Il Partito Comunista’
International Communist Party (Milan) (Italian, English, French, German)‘The Internationalist’; ‘Il Programma Comunista’, ‘Cahiers Internationalistes’
International Communist Party (Milan, Lyon, Madrid) (French, Italian, Spanish)‘Le Prolétaire’; ‘Programme Communiste’; ‘Il Proletario’; ‘Il Comunista’

Gauche Communiste de France / ICC (Chirik) and splits

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
International Communist Current (ICC) (Multilingual)“Workers of the world, unite!”‘International Review’
Internationalist Perspective (IP) (English, French, Spanish)Read: About usBlog. ‘Internationalist Perspective’
Forum for the Internationalist Communist Left (since 2009) (French, Spanish, multilingual)Editorial article: Time for ControversiesWebsite. Review: ‘Controverses’; Topics: ‘Cahiers Thématiques’
International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL) (since 2014) (French, English, Spanish)Website. Review: ‘Revolution or War’
Pantopolis (French)“political theory”Blog, historical texts and comments on actuality

Left-wing Communism in Spain

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
Barbaria (Spanish & multilingual)Website and diverse publications
Emancipación (Spain, since 2018) (Spanish, French, English)(ex-FOR, Munis)Website & Communiques
Communia (since 2019, formerly ‘Nuevo Curso’) “Internationalists”English blog journal of Emancipación
Forum Inter-rev (Spain, since 2011) (Spanish & multilingual)“internationalist social-political Forum”Forum Blog
Ediciones Inter-rev (Spanish)Book EditionsWebsite

Left-wing Communism (Diverse)

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
Internationalist Voice (English, Farsi)Communist Revolution or the Destruction of Humanity!Website, pamphlets and books
Internationalist Communist Perspective (South Korea) (only some English texts)Website “The Communist”
English texts apropos of the war in UkraineWebsite “The Communist”Joint Statement with ICC, Internationalist Voice, & I.O.D. (April 6, 2022)
No War But the Class War! (Statement of April 13, 2022)

Diverse (Europe)

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
Circolo Internazionalista “coalizione operaia” (Italy, since November 2020) (Italian, multilingual)Base syndicalism (SiCobas)Blog
Prospettiva Marxista (Italy, since 2005)“communist internationalist periodical”bimonthly review
Mouvement Communiste (French, English) & Kolektivně proti kapitálu (Czech, Slovak)Websites; Letters and Bulletins
Materiaux Critiques (French, Spanish, English) (since 2020; ex-Mouvement Communiste)“Criticism without error is a thousand times less harmful than error without criticism” (Bordiga)Website and review
Třídní Válka (Class War) (since 2009) (Czech, multilingual)Website and bulletins
Konflikt (Bulgaria) (with English pages)Discussion circle, workplace strugglesWebsite

Anarchist Internationalists

Name – Language(s)Description / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
La Oveja Negra (Argentina, since 2012)Bulletin of the Alberto Ghiraldo social-historic Library and ArchiveWebsite and press organ ‘La Oveja Negra’
Gondolkodó Autonomous Bookshop (Hungary)Anarcho-communismWebsite (with English pages).
KRAS-IWA (Russia)Anarcho-syndicalistWebsite (with English pages).
Anarchist Communist Group (Since 2018) (English, with a multilingual page)Anarcho-communism, with references to AAUE (Otto Rühle)Website, diverse media

Internationalist Anti-War Committees

NameDescription / Motto(Main) Publication(s)Website/BlogRemark
No War but the Class War – Liverpool“Bringing the internationalist message to local struggles.”Website, leaflets

This list aims at presenting a general oversight of active internationalist groups and publications.

It is periodically updated without any pretension of being exhaustive.

Last updated: July 10, 2022.

Propose interesting sites or report inaccuracies to the editor.