Discussion: Where is Europe going?

Correspondence (Summer 2018)


Capitalism’s Productive Orders

The productive Orders of Capitalism (Spring 2018)


250 Years of Modern Capitalism – A Reconstruction of its Dynamic

Table of Contents: Introduction; Ch.1-3; Annexes.

(Summer 2019; updated Autumn 2020)


‘Deaths by medical end-of-life decisions’ in the Netherlands (1995 – 2015)

Statistics Report (Summer 2019)


Has Capitalism entered its Decadence since 1914?

The Falsehoods of the International Communist Current (ICC) — A Critique

(Started: September 2020; Last updated: July 2021)

Discussion Contributions on the Question of Capitalism’s Decadence

(Started: March 2021; Last updated: May 2022)


The 1921 ‘Kronstadt Tragedy’ – Beginning of the Counterrevolution?

Selected Documents (Overview) 

(Spring 2021)


Capitalism, Crisis and War – What is to be done? Discussion Contributions

What initiatives to take apropos of the current exacerbation of military barbarism with regards to the war in Ukraine? 

(Spring 2022)


Proletarian Internationalism against Imperialism and War (Documents)

Statements and Positions against the First World War (1914 – 1918)

The London Anti-War Manifesto of February 1915;

The International Socialist Conference at Zimmerwald in September 1915.

(Summer 2022)

Last updated: July 11, 2022.