The ‘Free Retriever’ project aims at presenting publications relevant to discussions within the proletarian internationalist milieu in general, and among the groups and circles who claim adherence to the internationalist communist left(s) in particular.

A Free Retriever’s Digest’ wants to provide comments, critiques and a space for  discussion, both as a quarterly digital revue and an online blog.

The revue’s issues are freely available for download as pdf files from the Editions section. (1) The Articles & News Feeds listings  are restricted to the revue.

Readers are invited to send in their notifications of publications, abstracts and reviews of relevant books, articles or texts, and presentations at discussion meetings. Contributions should be written in English (notify if you need translation support). For articles a maximum of 3,000 words is observed; discussion contributions should be limited to 1,500 words. Bibliographical references and internet links need to be exact.

The articles and contributions express the views of their respective authors. Their publication is at the discretion of the editor. They may be freely adopted if correctly quoted with their source reference. We highly appreciate receiving a notification.

New releases of A Free Retriever’s Digest and eventual supplements can also be obtained by e-mail subscription. Please send a request via the contact form or to afreeretriever[at]

1 A chronological listing of all articles per volume can there be accessed as well.


Last updated: Saturday April 18, 2020.