Classics of Marxism – Famous Quotes and Extracts


This section presents verified translations of frequently used quotations and extracts from the works of Marx and Engels that are relevant to discussions on this site. This concern has originated from a certain dissatisfaction with some English translations in official editions. (1)

Sources are provided. Own translations use the Marx, Engels – Werke editions (M.E.W.), published by the (Karl) Dietz Verlag, (East-) Berlin (GDR), as their source.

The editor.

1 We feel inspired by M. Rubel and T.B. Bottomore who, in their work “Karl Marx, Selected Writings in Sociology and Social Philosophy” (2nd edition 1961; 1963, Penguin edition as Pelican Book A563) voiced a similar concern.


Last updated: November 29, 2021.