Understanding the decline of a mode of production (I)

An editor’s note

This is the first part of Link’s response to the extensive reply “In Defense of Historical Materialism” by C.Mcl., More specifically, it replies on questions treated in the latter’s Chapters 1-5, that are currently available in English here:

Part I (Preface by the author; Chapters 1 – 4) 

Part II (Chapter 5) 

The response has been proofread and corrected with the author.

Henry Cinnamon, March 15, 2022.


The Author’s Introduction

1. Interpretations of the Decline of a Mode of Production

2. The Conflict between Forces of Production and Relations of Production

3. The Relevance of Productive Forces to Capitalism

4. The Relevance of the Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall

5. External Influences on Capitalism

Text Box: Marx and Enhanced Reproduction

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