Putin’s Assault on Ukraine: Internationalist Statements and Analyses

In this post we list a collection of internationalist statements against the war in Ukraine and analyses of its wider significance and stakes for the working class internationally, notwithstanding their variety and inevitable differences in points of departure or conceptions.

We share the concern voiced at the Forum for the internationalist communist Left: “Given the seriousness of the international situation, the weaknesses and the dispersion of the internationalist-revolutionary milieu, it goes without saying that we will support any common position along the lines of the ones we have listed below. Indeed, if there is a paradox to be underlined on this level, it is that each of the groups below brandishes proletarian internationalism loud and clear – which is excellent … but they are withdrawn into themselves and quite incapable of speaking with one voice!”

As not all texts referenced here are yet available in English, this post is subject to updates  when they become available. Incidentally a translation of ours has been added on a follow-up page. Suggestions and proposals for internationalist statements are welcome.

The editor, March 5, 2022.

(Last updated: April 17, 2022, Listing closed)

Istituto Onoratio Damen (I.O.D., Italy)

International Group of the Communist Left (IGCL)

‘International Communist Party’ (Il Programma comunista / The Internationalist)

‘International Communist Party’ (Le Prolétaire / Proletarian)

Prospettiva Marxista – Circolo internazionalista “coalizione operaia” (Italy)


Communia (Journal of Emancipación)

Barbaria (Spain)

Internationalist Communist Tendency (ICT)

KRAS – International Workers Association (Russia)

‘International Communist Party’ (Il Partito Comunista / The Communist Party)

Internationalist Voice

Mouvement Communiste/Kolektivně proti Kapitălu

International Communist Current (ICC)

Internationalist Perspective

Matériaux Critiques – Critical Materials

A council communist collective (Düsseldorf, Germany)

La Ovaja Negra (Argentine)

  • Against Capitalist War! (Statement of March 13, 2022, apropos of KRAS-IWA. Translated by Internationalist Perspective, March 30, 2022)

Internationalist Communist Perspective (South Korea)

  • Joint Statement with ICC, Internationalist Voice, & I.O.D. (April 6, 2022)

  • No War But the Class War! Only the international class struggle to overthrow the capitalist system can stop the imperialist war. (Statement of April 13, 2022)

Left-Wing Communism – Not an Infantile Disorder (Website & Blog)

  • Two calls for proletarian internationalism against the war in Ukraine – An Unwelcome Response (Statement by Fredo Corvo & Aníbal, April 10, 2022)

  • Ukraine war: What next? (An alternative proposition by ‘Left-Wing Communism’ and ‘Inter-Rev Forum’, April 10, 2022)

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