250 years of Capitalism: A reconstruction of its dynamics

Foreword: A Work in progress

“I pre-suppose, of course, a reader who is willing to learn something new and therefore to think for himself. […] Every opinion based on scientific criticism I welcome.” Karl Marx, Preface to the First German Edition of Capital.

Taking up a longstanding concern of Marx’s he was unable to fulfill, the following presents the first part of an article series treating 250 years of Capitalism at the hand of examined statistic sources on its economic dynamic, in order to draw out its perspectives.

The consecutive parts of this series will be published on these ‘Topics’ pages and announced on the Blog roll. The original version in French language is published at the ‘Capitalisme & Crises Économiques’ website.

A Free Retriever’s Digest, June 8, 2019


  • The author’s Introduction

1. The Class Struggle from 1760 to the Russian Revolution

  • The rate of surplus value from 1760 to the present

  • Working more to earn less

  • Profit share and profit rate

  • Big sacrifices for meager results


  • Main economic variables (1760 – 2018)

  • Sources and Presentation of the Data

  • Bibliography