“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!”

Back-cover text

Most Marxists do not like Marx. At least, they don’t like the economic principles of the communist society that Marx derived from his critique of capitalism. But most Marxists do not criticize Marx in this respect either, they prefer to interpret him.

“Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution”, the now legendary 1930 pamphlet of the Group of International Communists, was both a detailed exposition of the communist mode of production that Marx and Engels had only sketched out and a fundamental critique of the revisionism of the political parties that invoked Marx.

The book at hand contains a selection of articles published by the members of the Group of International Communists in various periodicals between 1926 and 1938, whose critique has lost none of its relevance to this day.


  • Foreword by the editor (p.8)

  • Workers’ Councils and Communist Organization of Economy (Internationale Rätekorrespondenz Nr. 5, Oktober 1934) (p.14)

  • What must be done? (Internationale Rätekorrespondenz Nr. 16/17, Mai 1936) (p.29)

  • Leninism is State Capitalism (Second part of an article by Max Hempel, Das russische Wiederaufbauprogramm, in: Proletarier, 1926, Nrs. 8/9 and 10, p. 151ff. and 175ff.) (p.44)

  • Marx-Engels and Lenin: On the Role of the State in the Proletarian Revolution (first published in Proletarier, 1927, Nrs. 4-6) (p.52)

  • Economic Foundations of Communism (first published in Radencommunisme, 1938) (p.80)

  • Literature and Sources (p.92)

  • [More editions by the editor] (p.96)

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