Putin’s Assault on Ukraine: Internationalist Statements and Analyses

Some fundamental positions of proletarian internationalism

(‘Barbaria’, February 26, 2022)

Imperialism is not the strongest state imposing itself internationally on other national states, it is a historical phenomenon linked to the worldwide development of the Capitalist Mode of Production. Capitalism is competition and the struggle of all against all. The globalization of the economy, the worldwide expansion of capitalism, the exhaustion of value production through the destruction of living labor deepen the capitalist crisis, which reaches its internal limits, and the world market is unable to reverse this situation. This exacerbates competition and war which, more than a phenomenon to resolve cyclical crises, is today the continuity of the capitalist economy by other means, in order to monopolize resources, raw materials, markets, advantages to better compete with other national states. In wars, the proletariat is fooled and conscripted to serve as cannon fodder. All national states are imperialist, or as Lenin said, “all are worse”.

Internationalism is a fundamental principle of the proletariat, which is international and internationalist. The revolution will be international and internationalist or it will not be. As a class, the proletariat defends the interests of humanity as a whole beyond all national divisions imposed by the bourgeoisie and its national states. Internationalism is linked to class autonomy, to the need for this class to develop its consciousness, its unity and its organization independently of the bourgeoisie and its political apparatuses. To tactically ally with any bourgeois fraction (all of them imperialist) necessarily implies a betrayal of the proletariat and of the principles of the revolutionary program.

Leftism is the ideology that defends capital with arguments that, in the name of tactics, defile the revolutionary program and that approaches reality from the defense of the lesser evil or the weaker bourgeoisie. It is the ideologization of the historical betrayal of social democracy, of the defense of the bourgeois and imperialist blocs, of the defense of the rampant inter-classism. Again and again, leftism calls us to sign the “war credits”, to confront our class brothers defending the national economy instead of defending our human needs.

War and militarism are thus inseparable from the capitalist dynamic itself. There are no good wars, they all correspond to the interests of capital and its bourgeoisies. The historical response of the proletariat to war is world revolution through the affirmation of our human needs against all the divisions that are imposed on us. The consequences of war are immediate death and misery. The rise in prices and the precariousness of living conditions are also an immediate fact that affects us all, including all the workers who are not (yet) under the bombs.

The class struggle is expressed, in this period of weakness of the international proletariat, by the defense of living conditions. Recently, in Kazakhstan, the workers confronted their own state against the rising price of gas and all basic commodities, defending their lives against capital by mass strikes, urban revolts, etc. The revolt was crushed in blood by the armies of the Russian federation, with the complicity of the Kazakh state and the Western bloc, weakened by its lack of perspective and organization. The movement in Kazakhstan (one of many that have marked our history as an exploited and revolutionary class) shows that the various bourgeoisies and their imperialist blocs have no problem at all uniting against the workers. As some comrades said, Kazakhstan is the world today. Despite its undeniable weaknesses, it expresses the perspective of the future: imperialist war and/or revolution, capitalist catastrophe or communism.

Against All Wars!

Against All Imperialism!

Against All Capitalists!

For the Defense of our Human Needs!

Proletarians of all Countries, let us Unite!

Barbaria, February 26, 2022.

Source: Algunas posiciones fundamentales del internacionalismo proletario 

Translation: AFRD.

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