Putin’s Assault on Ukraine: Internationalist Statements and Analyses

In Ukraine as in the whole world, in the face of the imperialist war, the proletarian watchword once again must be: revolutionary defeatism against all bourgeoisies and against all bourgeois states!

(Il Programma Comunista, February 21, 2022, Leaflet)

War is the natural habitat of capitalism: imperialism means, in fact, increased international competition, sharpened trade wars, the export of capitals which inevitably come into conflict with each other, control of the sources of raw materials and their transport routes and therefore an attempt to exclude competitors, up to the uncontrolled explosion of conflicts first local and then, in perspective and in the presence of favorable and necessary material conditions, worldwide.

At this moment, the relations between the main imperialist powers express the contradictions that have arisen from the progress and worsening of the world economic crisis: they therefore require new relations of strength. The United States of America (economically in decline, but militarily aggressive) can no longer tolerate that other powers erode their dominion and areas of influence: above all, they can no longer tolerate that Germany, France, and even Italy do business with Russia and China, further freeing themselves from the USA’s long dominion, represented by NATO. Of course, the pretext of war is always nationalism, the ultimate cause of any possible conflict, and the dunghill where it thrives are precisely the areas of encounter and conflict between the spheres of influence: and the most recent pretext is the clash between Ukrainian and Russian nationalism.

Faced with the jungle of nationalisms, reborn or only slightly dormant, in order not to end up like the Palestinian, Slavic, Iraqi, Afghan, Libyan, Syrian, Kurdish proletarians, the watchword of the international proletariat must go back to being revolutionary defeatism: the clear and total refusal to take sides, to support this or that bourgeoisie, and in the first place “one’s own”. No “homeland is in danger”, no “democracy is violated”, no “enemy is invader”, no “army is liberator”: the only threatened class is the proletariat which must not fall into these deadly traps!
The only way to avoid other slaughters is through:

1. Refusal to accept economic and social sacrifices in the name of the “national economy”

2. Organization of the struggle to defend the living and working conditions of the proletarians, in order to hit hard the war commitment of the bourgeoisie

3. Open rupture of social peace and a decisive return to the methods and objectives of the class struggle, the only real internationalist solidarity of the proletarians in both the imperialist metropolises and the imperialist peripheries

4. Rejection of any partisanism (nationalist, religious, patriotic, mercenary, humanitarian, pacifist) in favor of any of the imperialist fronts.

5. Strike actions up to the general strike against any kind of mobilization and war propaganda.

Only on the basis of these premises, which demand the independence of action of the proletariat, will it be possible to organize open revolutionary defeatism, which will allow to crumble and break the war front and pave the way for class warfare. In this struggle, our allies are the proletarians of the whole world and in particular those of the countries massacred by the imperialist wars. They are not and never will be this or that bourgeois state, this or that bourgeois fraction, however armed or “resistant”, whatever its role, secular or religious, reformist or – worse still – pseudo-socialist. The deep economic crisis and the armed interventions that have taken place in recent decades show that the capitalist mode of production has now come to an end: its long agony is only destructive. The tool to give him the coup de grace is the organization of the proletariat in the international communist party.

International Communist Party (‘Il programma comunista’), February 21, 2022.

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