The US Rout from Afghanistan

Behind the decline of US imperialism, the decline of world capitalism

(ICC, August 22, 2021)


«The hasty retreat of US and other western forces from Afghanistan is a stark manifestation of capitalism’s inability to offer anything but increasing barbarism. The summer of 2021 has already seen an acceleration of inter-linked events which show that the planet is already on fire: the outbreak of heatwaves and of uncontrollable fires from the west coast of the USA to Siberia, floods, the continuing ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic dislocation it has caused. All of this is “a revelation of the level of putrefaction reached during the 30 last years”(1) As Marxists, our role is not merely to comment on this growing chaos but to analyse its roots, which lie in the historical crisis of capitalism, and to show the perspectives for the working class and the whole of humanity.»

ICC, August 22, 2021.

Source: Behind the decline of US imperialism, the decline of world capitalism (Published August 23, 2021).


1 Report on the pandemic and the development of decomposition .(“Work of the 24th International Congress of the ICC”, published July 19, 2021)

The re-emergence of the Taliban marks the defeat of the new world order

(Internationalist Voice, August 24, 2021)


«Contrary to Biden’s claims that the US has achieved its goal of neutralizing terrorism and is therefore leaving Afghanistan, reality would suggest otherwise. Biden is continuing to do what began even before Trump: managing the failure of the new world order. All those countries with some kind of imperialist interest in Afghanistan have been preparing for the post-collapse period of the new world order. The first step in this direction was the opening of a Taliban representative office in Qatar in June 2013, which was more like an embassy (with the flag and logo of the Islamic Emirate) than a representative office. The representative office was one of the centres for Taliban negotiations with foreign powers for political, financial and weapons reinforcements. Pakistan has not only had ties to the Taliban but has been one of the Taliban’s most important supporters. Russia has been in contact with the Taliban for years, and a Taliban delegation has travelled to Moscow at an official invitation. China also has ties to the Taliban. Mullah Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s deputy leader, also met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during his official visit to China. India has spent billions of dollars on hundreds of projects in Afghanistan; the Indians quietly went to Qatar and negotiated with the Taliban. Mike Pompeo’s (US delegation) meeting with Taliban representatives was the last part of managing the failure of the new US world order. Iran also welcomed a delegation from the Taliban in order not to lag behind the convoy.»

M. Jahangiry, August 24, 2021.

Source: (downloadable as pdf)

Afghanistan: the crocodile tears of imperialism

(Il Programma Comunista / The Internationalist, August 25, 2021)

The abrupt “withdrawal” from Afghanistan by the United States which, after decades of “exporting democracy” (shady alliances, the financing and training of ambiguous groups and factions: in a word, the precise bases for the present chaos), reveal their own recurrent and equally elusive “vocation for isolationism”. The pious rush to get out by the western powers which only yesterday were gathering in the country in large numbers to secure “good business” behind the shield of the Stars and Stripes, suddenly find themselves without protection. The umpteenth proof of the non-existence of Europe as a united political entity and its being instead a rocky terrain where obscene national egoisms clash and are indeed inevitable in the realm of Capital and Profit. The long arm of China and Russia extending towards a region of extreme geo-political and economic interest, with its rare landscapes, its oil and gas, its talc and, yes, its opium – a precious raw material for general stultification. The role of bloody slaves played by the clans, the warlords, local bourgeois factions, always ready to put themselves into the hands and hire of one imperialist power or the other and change sides as soon as the wind veers in another direction. Added to this pretty picture are the other tensions that continue to balloon and explode in the nearby Middle East or which break out in the not so far-away Mediterranean (such as the recent ones between Algeria and Morocco)…

In all this the eternal tragedy of civilian populations persecuted by wars, divisions, changes of regime and alliances, merciless repression of all sorts, the difficulty of surviving from day to day, hunger and famine, refused by everyone – those everyones who, with their hands dripping blood after having plundered and tormented territories and populations in their infinite “missions of peace and civilisation”, now shed crocodile tears over the “sad fate of the refugees”.

What more is there to say, except that another disgusting chapter is being written in the infamous history of imperialism, the peak phase of capitalism?

This many-headed monster must be eliminated once and for all, if we wish to avoid the proliferation and aggravation of hotbeds of local warfare, the death throes of capitalism, a mode of production historically outdated and in deep crisis, generating a new collective massacre, a third world war.

The enemy is in our own homes: it consists of the national bourgeoisies, thirsting for profit and in relentless competition. What proletarians must do is unite and prepare to fight them and overthrow them! As always, we communists are and always will be alongside them, demonstrating the urgent need to practice once again that anti-patriotic defeatism against the national economy and growing military involvement of their respective bourgeoisies and working towards strengthening and establishing the roots of the revolutionary party, able to guide them towards seizing power and implementing the dictatorship of the proletariat, on the path to communism.

I.C.P. (‘Il Programma Comunista’), August 25, 2021.

Source: Afghanistan: the crocodile tears of imperialism (The Internationalist, Published August 31, 2021)