The US Rout from Afghanistan

Statements and analyses from internationalist sources

The announced withdrawal by the USA and its allies from Afghanistan after 20 years of direct military presence has led to a takeover of the country by the Taliban with unprecedented speed in the last few weeks and days, leading, among others, to dramatic and chaotic scenes of mass flights that are presently reported in the world’s media by the hour. This blog post references and documents (first) statements by internationalist groups and circles on these events and their wider implications and significance. Continue to read an updated list of statements and analyses.

The editor, August 16, 2021.

Last updated: September 9, 2021.

  1. The Afghan Tragedy between Inhuman Taliban Nationalism and the Barbarity of American Imperialism (FD, August 15, 2021, Battaglia Comunista)

    • Declaration of the IGCL (August 30, 2021)

    • Statement by Pantopolis (September 2, 2021)

  2. Afghanistan: The USA and its Allies Retreat (An update from the CWO, August 22, 2021, Extracts)

  3. Afghanistan turmoil shakes world politics, challenges Left (News & Letters Committees, August 21, 2021)

  4. Afghanistan, the Long Goodbye (Prospettiva Marxista, with a Foreword by ‘Circolo Internazionalista’, August 27, 2021)

  5. Statements by ICC, Internationalist Voice, Programma Comunista (Excerpts)

  6. Americans withdraw from Afghanistan to have a free hand elsewhere (Int.C.P. /Le Prolétaire, August 29, 2021)

  7. Afghanistan: Return of the Taliban – The Great Game between empires in Central Asia (Int.C.P. ‘The Communist Party’ Nr. 36, September 2021)