A Free Retriever’s Digest Vol.5 #1 (January – March 2021)


36 pages (A4, pdf)

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210131 A Free Retriever’s Digest Vol.5 Nr 01

(Note: due to a correction the initial pdf file has been replaced)

The next release is envisaged in the second half of April 2021. The deadline for notifications and contributions has been set to Sunday, April 4, 2021.

From the Editor

(Corrected version of February 6, 2021)

Dear reader,

In this issue a special emphasis is put on the events related to the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections in the USA and their significance, and on a discussion about fundamentals of Marxism that has emerged in commentaries on an article in this review refuting the position that capitalism has entered its period of historical decline since 1914.

Along the first axis, our articles selection concentrates on statements by internationalist groups at large about the significance of the January 6 riots at the Washington Capitol and, at a more general level, on appreciations of the historical situation of capitalism and its perspectives within the milieus referring to the historical communist Lefts.

For your information, we have included a communiqué apropos of the January 6 ‘coup attempt’ in the USA by one of the several groups from the Bordigist milieu claiming to be “the international communist party”: that of Florence (‘Il partito’, January 15, 2021). Likewise, we have added a communiqué addressing the need for an historical alternative by the Bordigist group from Milan (‘Il programma’, December 30, 2020, page 12).

Secondly, the web publication of the article ‘The Falsehoods of the International Communist Current (ICC) — A critique’ on the topical question ‘Has Capitalism entered its Decadence since 1914?’ has drawn quite some attention from our online readers since last autumn. In addition to a growing interest for copies of this review, this has resulted in a lively exchange through commentaries on our blog.

As a consequence, a large part of this review is dedicated to presenting this first exchange, subsequent contributions by its respective participants and basic texts relevant to the questions in debate, in order to provide a maximum of material to our readers for a meaningful discussion (page 13 ff.)

We leave it to our readers to explore the remaining articles and topics in this issue we have considered important to bring to your attention: an actualized introduction to Marx’ basic work ‘Wages, Price and Profit’; a statement on the riots against the first ‘coronavirus-related’ curfew measures in the Netherlands, and an article on the situation on the Indian subcontinent apropos of workers’ strikes and the massive peasant revolt.

We thank all contributors to this issue, and are looking forward to your appreciation.

Internationalist regards, Henry Cinnamon (editor).