A Free Retriever’s Digest Vol.4 #1 (January – March 2020)


200124 A Free Retriever's Digest Nr 01.cover

36 pages (A4, pdf)

Available for free download here:

200124 A Free Retriever’s Digest Nr 01



Errata & Corrections

  • Book Presentation – H. Lueer’s Tribute to the GIC’s Main Work

The phrase at the beginning of the author’s preface (p. 16) should read as follows:

“Marx and Engels put their critique of capitalism on a scientific basis by explaining the laws of capitalist production. Instead of contrasting the misery of the masses that comes with capitalism against a Utopian vision of a better world, they were concerned with explaining what drives the capitalist relations of production and the laws governing its economic forms of goods commodities, money, and capital.” (Correction by the author)

H.C., January 28, 2020.