A Free Retriever’s Digest Vol.3 #4 (October – December 2019)


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40 pages (A4, pdf)

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191020 A Free Retriever’s Digest Nr 04


In this issue we present two newly written articles that we consider of importance:

  • Our publication of a sustained analysis of the development and dynamics of 250 years of modern Capitalism is restarted with a summary overview of this work in progress. The forthcoming analysis is published in its entirety on A Free Retriever’s Digest‘s blog.
  • An essay on the situation of the health care system in the Netherlands takes up more in depth questions that are to be posed apropos of a suicide case and a rant about ‘euthanasia and assisted suicide’. As elsewhere, the medical professions and the health care system in this country are under severe pressure, notwithstanding their reputation of excellency. It is significant that widespread ‘strike actions’ have just been officially announced by trade unions for November, as hospital personnel has become increasingly dissatisfied with work pressure (as a consequence of a lack of staff) and unattractive wages.

In Documents of the historical communist Left we continue the 1961 article by Willy Huhn demonstrating that the ‘Marxist-Leninist’ doctrine of the revolutionary party is in contradiction to the conceptions of Marx and Engels.

A relatively large part of this issue is devoted to current developments in the political milieu of the communist Left(s). Two contributions in our discussion section put forward critical commentaries on the turn towards trotskyism taken by the first congress of the recently constituted group ‘Emancipación’. Further, we present a review of the IGCL’s appreciation of the state of the political milieu in general, as well as the latter’s reply to our introduction to “Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution” (GIC, 1935).

The back-cover article features a researched statement by the Bordigist ‘International Communist Party’ (‘Le Prolétaire’) on the massive popular-democratic protests in Hong Kong against usurpation by “mainland China”.

In our articles and news feeds selection, we have tried to list the most interesting articles over the past three months on a limited number of themes. A first internationalist statement on the newly fanned flames of the war over Syria has been included.

We thank all contributors and call on our readers to send in their appreciations and commentaries.

Internationalist regards,

Henry Cinnamon,

A Free Retriever’s Digest‘s Editor