Meanwhile, at Iran’s backdoor…


Some weaknesses in the joint statement that deserve attention


The following formulation is confusing:

“Since conditions are not currently available for the global war, wars take the form of regional wars. All this is due to the fact that the working class retreats as a global class of its class identity.” 

This is confusing to a point that the authors may not understand themselves what they are writing.  It is certainly confusing to an audience that is not familiar with the ICC idea of decomposition, with its pretended cause, a supposedly high level of working class struggle, and with its present Orwellian ‘newspeak’ on class-identity. An uninformed reader could reason from the sentences quoted above that if the working class would rise its level of struggle, regional wars would become global war (identical to world war?), or the inverse, that regional wars would  become, what? May be sub-regional wars, whatever that may be.

There is more confusion:

“… the US was no longer able to apply its hegemony as it had during the Cold War. Therefore, it launched the wars in the Balkans (…)” 

Really? It have been several  European powers that further stimulated to independence the Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian nations into which Yugoslavia fell apart. The US let rage the Balkan war, with ‘ethnic cleansing’, that followed to horrify Europe, specially France and Germany, till the US could prove to be the only world cop able to end the war by bombarding Serbia.

The joint statement continues:

” … Afghanistan, Iraq and so on, in order to preserve its hegemony in the new world order and to weaken its rivals.” 

As if not the world domination of the US had not been severely challenged in the mean time, the joint statement continues:

“The US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the nuclear crisis in the Korean Peninsula is moving in this direction. The US departure from JCPOA is in keeping with its desire to preserve its hegemony, which is further underlined as the US re-emphasizes and reminds its rivals the European Union, China and Russia of its hegemony.”

Not explained is how the US withdrawal from JCPOA weakens which of its rivals, specially since in fact it drives Iran in the arms of Russia and China.

Concerning Korea, it should be explained why the US partially withdrew its support to South Korea, f.e stopped the yearly joint military operations with the South. We shouldn’t forget that the US installed rockets in South-Korea that target at China and that Trump tried to attract Northern Korea into American influence.

Another confusing sentence:

“In the era of capitalist decadence, the era of imperialism, the era of crisis and war, the effect of this rivalry between gangsters is to weaken each other.”

Clearly only the tendency to “decomposition” is seen and not that of “recomposition” of blocs. Independent of its truth, may be the groups that signed the joint statement believe that Iran and the USA weaken each other by the conflict in the Persian Gulf. But do they see as well the possibility of Iran to develop in the direction of Russia? Or do they believe that this is impossible because “conditions are not currently available for the global war”? Conditions that remain unspecified.


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