‘250 years of modern Capitalism’ (Project Update)

“I pre-suppose, of course, a reader who is willing to learn something new and therefore to think for himself. […] Every opinion based on scientific criticism I welcome.” (Karl Marx, Preface to the First German Edition of ‘Capital, critique of political economy’, 1867).

Taking up a longstanding concern of Marx’s that he was unable to fulfill, this work in progress treats the development of modern capitalism over the past 250 years with special attention to the classic country of its origin, Great Britain/the UK, at the hand of examined statistic sources and according to  criteria developed by Marx.

The original text is published in French language on the ‘Capitalisme & Crises Économiques’ website. Our translation is up to date with its actual version of August 10, 2019, and can be read on this blog:

Table of Contents

A list of the translated sections available.

A rapid overview of 250 years of modern Capitalism 

A concise summary of this work (Chapter 1).

250 years of modern Capitalism – A reconstruction of its dynamics

The translated work, currently its first 2 chapters.

Annex on the data and on methodology

The annex features the main economic variables and data used. It provides their sources and explains their presentation. Some complementary graphs and a bibliographic reference are provided.

A Free Retriever’s Digest, August 31, 2019

Note: In accordance with the author, the title has been changed to refer to the past 250 years of capitalism  as “industrial” or “modern” capitalism. (October 15, 2019)