A Free Retriever’s Digest Vol.3 #2 (April – June 2019)

Table of Contents:

190428 A Free Retriever's Digest Nr 02.cover

36 pages (A4, pdf)

Available for free download here:

190428 A Free Retriever’s Digest Nr 02


Errata in this issue:

  • p. 26 (‘Discussion on the popular revolt in France’):
    The title of the comment is “Revolutionaries or Asses in the Lion’s Skin?”
  • p. 32 (‘Bourgeois in Yellow Vests’); left column, first line is missing. The passage crossed by page separation should read:
    «This is how the IGCL reports: “the comrades (sic, F.C.) of the group Matière et Révolution (France) referred us to Lenin’s text on the 1916 debate on the right of nations to self-determination.” (7) The quotation from this text can only convince ‘invariant’ or ‘orthodox Marxists’ that take every word from [its] holy scriptures for real. »

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