Editorial Note (January 12, 2019)

Dear reader,

‘A Free Retriever’s Digest’ appreciates having a recent blog publication, which evaluates the workers’ struggle in the Near and Middle East (specifically in Iran), adopted in libcom’s news section, with a French translation in addition.

Hopefully, this summary and the balance sheet it introduces (”Iran: What after the repression of the Haft Tapeh workers and the steelworkers in Ahvâz?”) contribute to resuscitate interest in the situation of these recent (waves of) struggles and the questions they pose to the workers’ struggle in this region and internationally.

It cannot have escaped attention that, since last autumn, the upsurge in proletarian combativity in the Middle East and Iran has received remarkably few echos from the proletarian internationalist milieu(s) in a large sense. This contrasts rather starkly with the wide repercussions to the ‘spontaneous’ waves of strikes and rebellion in the region at the turn of last year (winter 2017/2018).

Among the few attempts to analyze the characteristics and evolution of these struggles by proletarian internationalist currents and groups, the persistent effort by the CWO/ICT, in conjunction with that by the ‘Nuevo Curso’ blog from Spain, deserve attention as positive exceptions.

The two aforementioned pieces are intended as contributions to exchange and discussions among proletarian internationalists of different tendencies and diverging views.

‘A Free Retriever’s Digest’ is committed to following this situation and providing a forum for such repercussions. Readers are invited to send in their appreciations and comments.

Internationalist regards,

Henry Cinnamon, editor