A Free Retriever’s Digest Vol. 2 #6 (December 2018 – January 2019)

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dear reader,

With this issue A Free Retriever’s Digest concludes its second volume. The contributions to this edition have been grouped in three topics:

  • The mass uprising in Germany 1918/19;

  • The rise of populism in Capitalism’s historic centers;

  • The rise of proletarian militancy in Iran.

The mass uprising that put an end to the massacres of the First World War is treated in the first part of an historic summary by Ph. Bourrinet on the workers’ councils in Germany 1918 – 1923. It is supplemented by Anton Pannekoek’s assessment of the terrible defeat in the combats of January 1919 from ‘Arbeiterpolitik’: The outcome of the struggle”.

The dilemma’s of Capitalism apropos of ‘Trump’ and ‘Brexit’ are treated by C. Mcl. developing on the rarely treated question of its productive orders. It is the first article of a forthcoming series, with researched empirical material in graphs and tables included.

The discussion topic presents three contributions by different authors on the dynamic and perspectives of the recent upsurge of strikes and demonstrations that has evolved from the Haft Tapeh sugar cane workers uniting their struggle with the steel workers in Khuzestan province, and on the questions this poses to politicized minorities who take up the workers’ cause. This critical, yet hopeful evolution in a crucial country of the crisis- and war-ridden Middle East region deserves due consideration.

We hope to have delivered an issue with material relevant to the necessary discussions among internationalists, and thank all who have collaborated in this effort.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback,

Internationalist regards,

Henry Cinnamon