‘A Free Retriever’ goes online

Since the beginning of this year A Free Retriever’s Digest appears as a bimonthly digital revue. Since April 2018 it is accompanied by this online blog.

The ‘Free Retriever’ project aims at presenting publications relevant to discussions within the proletarian internationalist milieu in general, and among the groups and circles who claim adherence to the internationalist communist left(s) in particular. ‘A Free Retriever’s Digest’ wants to provide comments, critiques and a space for discussion.

The blog features a selection of articles from the revue and complements or updates, some of which are open for online comment. The revue’s issues are freely available for download as pdf files. (1) Articles & News Feeds listings are restricted to the revue.

Readers are invited to send in notifications of relevant publications; abstracts, book reviews, discussion texts, or presentations at discussion meetings. Details on modalities can be found in the Colophon.

New releases of A Free Retriever’s Digest and eventual supplements can also be obtained by e-mail subscription. Please send a request via the contact form or to afreeretriever[at]gmail.com.

Looking forward to reading your appreciation,

Internationalist regards,

The editor, April 2, 2018

(updated: September 3, 2018)

1 Chronological lists of all articles and publications can be found at: Editions.